Morning Buzz Education Session

Sunday, February 24 The Hub | 7:15 am - 7:45 am

From Unpredictable to Possible: Competing in a World of Constant Change

7:15-7:45 a.m

Larry Robertson, Founder, President Lighthouse Consulting
Award-winning author of The Language of Man and A Deliberate Pause

The frozen food industry and its surrounding landscape are changing. There are no quick fixes, and what serves as a viable solution today, could very well be rendered irrelevant tomorrow. Such an environment requires not just a different approach to doing business, but a different mindset. Larry Robertson doesn’t simply have that mindset, he spreads it, and at AFFI-CON 2018 he will bring it to you.

For more than three decades, Larry Robertson has worked, written and guided at the nexus of creativity,
leadership and entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Lighthouse Consulting, which has for over 25
years guided growing ventures and their leaders across industries through growth to lasting success.
Larry is the author of two award-winning books: The Language of Man: Learning to Speak Creativity and
A Deliberate Pause: Entrepreneurship and its Moment in Human Progress, and is currently working on a
third book about leadership in a time of unending change. He is a columnist for Inc. Magazine and The
Creativity Post, and a contributor to MSNBC, Fast Company, Slate and others.

His distinct and multifaceted background makes Larry uniquely positioned to explore with us how we
move “From Unpredictable to Possible” and what “Competing in a World of Constant Change” means.
Highly regarded as a captivating, thoughtful speaker, Larry’s style has been described as speaking to
audiences like a trusted colleague whose role it is to dispense good advice. Who couldn’t use some of
that? It’s the perfect wake-up call to start a Sunday morning and our important work in the days to

AFFI-CON is about business, and we hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to hear from Larry
about the changes we all face in the industry.

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