Please note that some AFFI-CON events are only open to AFFI members. Security will be present at all events. Non-registrants will be asked to leave.

*This schedule is subject to change.

  1. Marina

    Welcome and Orientation for AFFI and Food Export USA Frozen Food International Buyers's Mission Meetings

  2. Marina

    AFFI and Food Export USA Frozen Food International Buyer's Mission Meetings

  3. Grand CD

    Registration & Exhibits Open

  4. TBD

    Nutrient Database Committee Meeting

    (AFFI Members Only)
  5. TBD

    AFFI-CON First Timers Reception

  6. Grand CD

    AFFI-CON 75th Anniversary Welcome Reception

    Sponsored by Henningsen Cold Storage

  7. TBD

    Frozen Food Hall of Fame/Zerocrats Dinner

    (By Invitation Only)
  8. Grand A

    Industry Jam Session

    Music sponsored by Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group

  1. Marina

    AFFI and Food Export USA Frozen Food International Buyer’s Mission Meetings

  2. Grand CD

    Exhibits & Registration Open

  3. Gaslamp

    AFFI Logistics and Supply Chain Council

    (AFFI Members Only)
  4. Bankers

    FPPI Board of Directors Meeting

  5. Gaslamp AB

    International Issues Forum presented by AFFI's International Processors Council

    Many businesses are required to implement new international food safety regulations as soon as May 2017. Mark FeDuke, VLM Foods, and Domenic Veneziano, former head of U.S. Food and Drug Administration Division of Import Operations will discuss the Food Supplier Verification Program and broader Food Safety Modernization Act implementation as it relates to the international processors community.

    (AFFI Members Only)
  6. Gaslamp

    The Future of Labeling

    An engaging panel of experts from different realms of the food industry will paint a picture of what’s on the horizon for food labeling. Maya Wilson, ESHA, will review particularly important aspects of the new revisions to the Nutrition Facts Label, and provide implementation and compliance tips and tricks. Doug Baker, Vice President Private Brands, Food Marketing Institute, will discuss the trends towards adopting Facts Up Front labeling and utilizing the Smart Label to efficiently provide an abundance of consumer-desired information. Finally, Emma Gregory, AFFI, will share insight on DC’s political regulatory environment and what the future holds for labeling in the context of this new administration.

    (AFFI Members Only)
  7. Old Town

    AFFI's NextGen Happy Hour

    Sponsored by Alchemy Systems

  8. Grand CD

    Craft Beer & Wine Tasting Reception

    Sponsored by Dreisbach Enterprises

  1. Grand C

    Registration Open

  2. Grand A

    AFFI Annual Meeting and Keynote Breakfast

    Featuring Ken Gronbach, Internationally respected demographer and futurist

    Sponsored by Jasper Wyman and Son & Lineage Logistics

  3. Marina

    AFFI and Food Export USA Frozen Food International Buyer’s Mission Meetings

  4. Grand CD

    Exhibit Floor Open

  5. Gaslamp

    AFFI’s Public Policy Council Business Meeting

    Join us for our Public Policy Council meeting to discuss regulatory and legislative issues facing the frozen food industry. The council is welcome to provide feedback and input on AFFI’s prioritized list of issues and our strategies to address them. This council meeting will feature Dr. Maureen Storey who will preview the results of AFFI-commissioned research on the consumption of frozen fruits and vegetables nationwide. Chere Shorter and Dana White of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service will also participate in the meeting and discuss opportunities for the frozen food industry to engage in the development or improvement of grade standards for frozen fruits and vegetables.

    (Council Members Only)
  6. TBD

    AFFI Scientific Advisory Council Lunch

    (Council Members Only)
  7. Gaslamp

    AFFI LM Strategy

    presented by AFFI Scientific Advisory Council and the Frozen Food Foundation

  8. TBD

    AFFI Chair's Reception

    (By Invitation Only)
  9. Grand Foyer

    AFFI-CON After Hours Reception

  1. Hotel Lobby

    Depart for Frozen Food Foundation Golf Classic

    Departure for golf is 6:30 a.m.

  2. Grand Foyer

    Registration Open

  3. Riverwalk Golf Course

    Frozen Food Foundation Golf Classic

    Benefiting the Frozen Food Foundation. Download the registration.

  4. TBD

    AFFI-CON Closing Reception

  1. TBD

    AFFI Conferences and Member Services Council Meeting

    (Council Members Only)
  2. Bankers

    AFFI Executive Committee Meeting