The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) is the only national trade association dedicated solely to the frozen food and beverage industry, and is proud to represent a growing membership of more than 400 companies from all sectors of the frozen food and beverage industry.

AFFI is uniquely positioned to identify and address the challenges and opportunities that exist at today’s intersection of business and government. Working together, we continue to further our industry’s agenda and positively influence the environment in which our members do business.

AFFI members have access to an unmatched menu of services and programs making membership a smart investment. AFFI advocates on Capitol Hill and to federal regulators to advance the frozen food and beverage community’s business and public policy agenda. AFFI educates our members by providing the tools and expertise to understand and navigate business challenges. AFFI communicates by promoting positive attributes of frozen food and sharing the story of a dynamic and vital American industry. AFFI convenes by creating opportunities for business-to-business meetings and professional networking.