Exhibits will be located in the Grand Ballroom on the lobby level of the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Key Technology Inc.


Key Technology is the premiere choice for the most comprehensive source of digital sorting, conveying and process automation technologies.  As a global leader, Key is committed to continually advancing customers’ efficiencies and profits through complete solutions and efficient innovations.

South Mill Mushroom


One of the largest mushroom growers in the USA. Offering IQF mushrooms: fresh, blanched or fire roasted/grilled. All mushroom varieties and cut sizes: sliced, diced and whole. Seeking relationships with end users and brokers: also companies seeking co-packing services. Call for a meeting, or visit us in exhibit area.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions


TOMRA Sorting Solutions is a preferred supplier of sorting solutions for a wide range of frozen food applications such as vegetables, fruit and potatoes.  TOMRA offers an integrated approach to maximize yield, optimize production flow and support consistent high-quality output.

US Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC)


USHBC is the trade association representing highbush blueberries in the USA.   Frozen blueberries are an important part of the blueberry business and the Council is active with research, promotions for consumers, food service and food industry in North America and abroad. 

OctoFrost Group


OctoFrost is a globally recognized supplier of IQF freezers which are well-known for these key benefits: reliable food safety and high cleanability, high yield and low dehydration of the product, energy efficiency and sustainability, perfect separation and a good looking final product. For more information, visit www.octofrost.com

Hanson Logistics


Known for “Yes, We Can!” solutions, Hanson Logistics is a leading provider of temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation services, including Velocities™ Multi-Vendor Consolidation with nationwide delivery.

Tippmann Innovation


Designing and building advanced cold storage facilities is the cornerstone of what we do, but it’s just the beginning. We also work with existing buildings, providing creative solutions to modernize working cold storage and freezing facilities. We help lengthen the lifespan of existing buildings, modernize operations and solve complicated logistic problems. Tippmann Innovation also brings all of our industry expertise to several high-tech and modern public refrigeration warehouses with services that go beyond the ordinary.



Since 1954, RefrigiWear has been the leading manufacturer of insulated industrial workwear. We aim to provide the highest quality products at the best value to our customers. Our products lines consist of insulated clothing, handwear, headwear and footwear. The RW Protect product line protects temperature-sensitive products during storage and transportation.

Armer Foods


Armer Foods is a leading producer of organic frozen fruits and vegetables. We control all stages beginning from seeding, harvesting, production, distribution using the most recent and advanced technologies and top quality personnel.  We believe that flexibility, quality and safety is the key to customer satisfaction.

Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehoousing


Tippmann Group designs and builds temperature controlled food processing plants and distribution centers, and developed the QFR Zone®, a more energy and labor efficient way to blast freeze products.  Interstate Warehousing, a Tippmann Group company, owns and operates 100 million cubic feet of public refrigerated warehouse space throughout the U.S.

Arbre Farms


Arbre Farms is a family-owned business located in Walkerville, Michigan. Our state-of-the-art processing facility and commitment to quality and food safety allow us to offer conventional and organic IQF vegetables, fruits and frozen purees that our customers have had confidence in since our inception in 2009. Can we help you?

Buhler Inc.


Buhler Group is a leading global supplier of optical sorting solutions to the frozen fruit and vegetable industries and has been at the forefront of optical sorting technology for over 70 years. Our latest development, the SORTEX F, redefines fruit and vegetable sorting using cutting edge SORTEX PolarVision™ and LED Xenon lighting technology.

Muzzi Family Farms


Muzzi Family Farms is dedicated to growing, processing and providing the finest quality fresh and frozen vegetables to food manufacturers and food service providers, and with a limited line of retail packaged produce. Our exemplary food safety record, and emphasis on quality and customer service, is second to none.



BWAY is one of the largest manufacturers of rigid metal, plastic and hybrid containers in North America. Our product line fulfills the packaging needs of companies that manufacture and supply goods such as paint and related products, petroleum products, chemicals, foods, and a variety of household and personal care products.

ISIK Organic


ISIK Organic is a leading processor, packer and exporter of Organic Frozen and Dried Fruits in Turkey. Every year, we export over 35 million lbs. of fruits to more than 30 countries in the world with certifications of NOP, EU, COR, Bio-Suisse, JAS, Bio-dynamic, BRC Grade-A

PIGO srl


PIGO srl is specialized in building freezers, freeze dryers and continuous multistage belt adiabatic dryers, fruit and vegetable processing equipment. Between main machines from our production are fluidized bed freezers from EASY FREEZE family, redefining IQF technology with adaptable air flow, freeze dryers (Lyiophilizer), as well as dryers.

ESHA Research


ESHA Research, founded in 1981, offers a variety of nutritional analysis and label development solutions to ensure regulatory compliance. ESHA’s software programs and databases have been used all over the world, by food manufacturers, educational facilities, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other industry institutions for nutrient analysis, labeling, product development, and more. In addition, ESHA Research offers software and regulatory compliance consulting and label-generation services.

Lineage Logistics


Lineage Logistics is a warehousing and logistics partner built to deliver sophisticated, customized, and dependable cold chain solutions to leading food, retail, agriculture and distribution companies.  The company serves customers who put a premium on excellence and reliability to ensure the nation's food supply is handled, stored and delivered safely and securely through the entire supply chain.

Happy D Corporation


Happy D Corporation distributor and importer of IQF Roasted and Non-Roasted vegetables, based in Sunny California, is your reliable partner to supplying high quality stable goods which are safe and traceable.  List of products but not limited to: Bell Peppers(Green/Red), Cauliflower, Edamame, Ginger, Garlic, Jalapeno, Kale, Leek, Onion(Red/White/Green), Shallot, Shiitake Mushroom and Spinach.

Trinity Fruit Sales


Trinity Fruit Sales is a grower, packer, and shipper of fruits out of the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley. One of our largest commodities is pomegranates. Since we grow and pick pomegranates for the fresh market, our frozen product has a higher brix (or sugar content) than our competition.

U.S. Coexcell


U.S. COEXCELL manufactures environmentally friendly, multi-layer, plastic drums that integrates state-of-the-art quality and production standards in providing drum packaging solutions to satisfy the electrochemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. From ultra-high purity drum packaging, to food grade & industrial multi-purpose drums, U.S. COEXCELL has become the drum vendor of choice.

Alchemy Systems


Alchemy is the global leader for innovative solutions that help food companies engage with their frontline workforces to drive safety and productivity. More than two million food workers at 20,000 locations use Alchemy’s tailored learning, communications, and performance programs to reduce workplace injuries, safeguard food, and improve operations. From farm to fork, Alchemy works with food growers, manufacturers, processors, packagers, distributors, retailers, and restaurants of all sizes to help build a culture of safety, efficiency, and excellence.



EbroFrost is a leading company for the supply of all kinds of cooked individual frozen (IQF) Rice, Pasta and Grains to the B to B market. EbroFrost is opening a brand new, state of the art, IQF facility next to our rice factory in Memphis TN, in order to service our US customers directly from summer 2017. EbroFrost has IQF manufacturing facilities in Germany, Denmark and United Kingdom, and is part of the leading international group Ebro Foods S.A. (Riviana Foods Inc. in the US)”

Farm To Table Berries


Farm To Table Berries is one of California’s largest premium growers of blueberries and blackberries since 1999. Our exceptionally sweet berries are grown on our families ranches ensuring better food safety and consistency which results in a better eating experience for the consumer.

Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients


Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients, Inc. offers a line of premium Sweet Potato Juice Concentrates and Dehydrated ingredients as well as NFC juice. We have Organic and Conventional product and are Kosher and SQF certified. Other ingredient lines will be available in the near future!

Raiwal Agro Tech Foods Ltd


Located in Surrey, BC Canada, RAIWAL AGRO TECH FOODS LTD. is a Fresh Packing and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) processing facility handling over 7.5 million kilograms of fresh fruit from the British Columbia area annually. The Raiwal family comes from a multi-generational legacy of agricultural producers and is committed to providing the best quality produce available.

Delkor Systems


For over 40 years Delkor has engineered industry leading end-of-line packing equipment. Categories include; flat pad packing, tray packing, case packing, shrink bundling, robotics and tray and carton forming and closing. Our patented Cabrio Case® easily converts from a shipping case to a retail-ready tray with high-impact shelf appeal.

Viking Cold Solutions


Viking Cold Solutions makes cold storage systems more efficient using Phase Change Material and intelligent controls.  The Thermal Energy Storage solution reduces demand, shifts load, monitors the facility, and provides thermal backup protection. The storage solution has saved over 7,000 MWh of energy, and reduced carbon footprint by over 4,400 metric tons.



IceGen is the global leader in instant freezing of single strength juices and fruit puree’s while obtaining premium quality of the juices. The slurry Ice technology is a citrus industry revolution, where customers can rapidly freeze the single strength juices and fruit purees to obtain their premium quality by flavor preservation, reduced micro activity and homogeneous cooling and freezing of product. Today IceGen is a solution for juices with no heat abuse.

Ceres Nexus


One site, multiple solutions. Find buyers and sellers, manage and access paperwork to find solutions for any excess product.